Day 2, July 11, 2007
The sun rose the next morning with me transported into a world of my own.  A world that was consumed with fear, dread, and Jonathan.  The army's pace of hurry up and wait was not pushed aside for my emergency and I had an agonizing wait for paperwork and plane tickets, broken only by my repeated calls to the detention center.  With immense relief someone from the detention center finally told me where my son was as I boarded my 6 pm flight.  I called the hospital in St. Louis and set up a phone call to speak with him during my layover in Atlanta.

After finding a semi-private place in the Atlanta airport I dialed the hospital's number... and my heart pounded. When Jonathan was put on the phone and I heard his voice I was overwhelmed by a mother's love. This is what he told me happened the day before:

About 10 am he received a call from his ex-girlfriend telling him that she was pregnant with his baby, but that her new boyfriend was going to force her to shoot up cocaine to kill the baby.  She told him that before this could happen she was going to commit suicide.  Jonathan called her mother to tell her what was going on and also told her mother that if his ex-girlfriend committed suicide he would too.  Her mother called the police to come to our house to check on Jonathan.  Jonathan saw them coming and hid from them because he was afraid they were going to take him and then he couldn't save his ex-girlfriend and the baby.  After the police left he decided he had to scare the boyfriend into leaving his ex-girlfriend alone.  I learned that he had also dealt with repeated taunts from the boyfriend all summer.  At some point in the afternoon the two boys talked and agreed to meet in town at the carwash.  Jonathan left the house with a gun I had just bought my husband for Christmas the year before hidden in a guitar case.  Under the influence of Triple C's he shot the boyfriend.  He said all he was thinking about was the girlfriend and the baby and he had to save them.  He had to scare the boyfriend into leaving them alone and the police would understand why he did what he did. The police immediately came to the scene and Jonathan turned himself in. Previous to this, Jonathan thought there was another baby lost to abortion by the same girlfriend earlier that year and it devastated him.  There was never a baby either time

I don't remember the rest of my flight or my drive home.

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